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Aetna Detox Center in Los Angeles

Clearing your bloodstream of drugs and alcohol is a top priority for anyone starting their recovery from addiction. The safest and most reliable way to take on this task is enrollment in a medically supervised detoxification program. But while detox is essential, its cost can be considerable. As a rule, you can substantially reduce this cost if you have health insurance. One of the leading insurance providers in Los Angeles and Orange County is Aetna. 

A variety of Aetna plans can help you pay for detox and other substance treatment services. But that’s only true if your chosen detox center accepts these plans as a form of payment. Looking for an Aetna detox center in Los Angeles? Turn to the local professionals at Detox LA. We not only accept health insurance from this top provider. With our help, you can put your Aetna plan to its best possible use.

DetoxLA is a Los Angeles drug and alcohol detox center that accepts Aetna insurance. Speak to a member of our admissions team today to learn more about your coverage options.

What Is Substance Detoxification?

Anyone affected by addiction understands the way it drives you to keep using drugs or alcohol. To regain your sobriety, you must find a way to combat that drive and halt your substance intake. On your own, this can be an overwhelming and unachievable task to take on. To help you succeed, supervised detox supports you with expert services that:

  • Provide you with an environment that allows you to step away from drinking or drug use
  • Help you undergo substance withdrawal without restarting your alcohol or drug consumption
  • Monitor your health and safety, and protect you from uncommon but potentially dangerous physical and mental withdrawal complications

To ensure maximum effectiveness, detox is conducted on a person-by-person basis. All participants follow customized plans tailored to fit their particular needs and circumstances. When detox has ended, you can enter a treatment program designed to help you stay sober long past your time in rehab. 

Want to know more about the goals and methods of supervised substance detox? Talk to the specialists at our Aetna detox center in Los Angeles today.

Aetna Insurance Plans Available in Los Angeles and Southern California

Aetna offers a broad range of health insurance options for residents of Los Angeles and Southern California. Broadly speaking, these options can be broken down into two main categories:

  • Health maintenance organization (HMO)-based plans
  • Preferred provider organization (PPO)-based plans

An HMO plan typically has a lower monthly premium, but requires you to use only in-network treatment providers. In contrast, a PPO plan typically has a higher monthly premium, but allows you to use both in-network and out-of-network providers.

There are three Aetna HMO network coverage groups available in the greater Los Angeles area:

  • The Aetna Value network
  • The Aetna Whole Health-Southern California HMO network
  • The HMO Basic network

The same three networks are also available to residents of Orange County. They differ from each other in their number of participating providers and associated hospitals. 

There are also three Aetna PPO network coverage groups available in greater Los Angeles:

  • The nationwide Aetna Open Access Managed Choice network
  • The Aetna Whole Health-Southern California Open Access Managed Choice network
  • The Savings Plus Network

Like the company’s HMO networks, these PPO networks are also available in Orange County. As with Aetna’s HMO offerings, they feature differing numbers of providers and participating hospitals.

Aetna’s Coverage for Detox and other Substance Recovery Services

Not so long ago, health insurance coverage for drug and alcohol rehab was a rarity. But today, things have changed. Most insurance providers help you pay for at least some of the recommended services for effective substance recovery. In communities throughout Southern California, the list of those providers includes Aetna.

Like all large health insurance companies, Aetna offers numerous types of plans with varying degrees of cost and coverage. This means that it’s difficult to say in advance exactly which substance rehab options are covered by the average insurance policy. However, at least some plans specifically state that they provide Aetna drug detox coverage and/or alcohol detox coverage. Other rehab services that you receive following detox may also be available through your plan, including:

  • Residential substance treatment 
  • Participation in an intensive outpatient program (IOP)
  • Participation in a partial hospitalization program (PHP)
  • Various kinds of in-home recovery services provided only in certain circumstances

Have questions about your available coverage at our LA Aetna detox center? Get them answered with help from our dedicated team of intake and insurance verification specialists. 

Using Aetna Services to Help Determine If You Need Substance Detox

It can be difficult to decide whether you or your loved one need detox and active substance treatment. One of the most convenient ways to clarify your situation is to ask your doctor for help. Today, many primary care physicians know how to provide you with something called Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment, or SBIRT. SBIRT is a process focused on:

  • Detecting the presence of substance problems and determining their severity
  • Using a short-form intervention designed to alert you to your situation and encourage you to take any needed action
  • Referring you to the appropriate resources so you can begin your journey toward restored sobriety

Aetna understands the importance of going through this process and then continuing on to detox if necessary. In line with this understanding, your Aetna plan may reimburse you for the costs of undergoing SBIRT. 

The professionals at Detox LA can also help you determine your need for detox and follow-up treatment. Consult us today for more information.

Seek Expert Help From Detox LA’s Aetna Detox Center in Los Angeles

An Aetna detox center in Los Angeles can be crucial to your ability to pay for essential substance rehab services. The same holds true for those in need of an Orange County Aetna detox program. At Detox LA, our goal is to make sure that everyone affected by addiction gets the best possible care. For this reason, we include Aetna on our long list of accepted insurance providers.

Need help clarifying how you can use your Aetna plan at our local detox center? We’re standing by to answer your questions and help you with the potentially complex task of determining the extent of your coverage. Contact us today to speak to a dedicated insurance verification team member.