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Alcohol Detox Program

Redefine What’s Possible
for You In Recovery

Alcohol use is widespread and legal throughout America. Given its accepted status, it can seem like a relatively harmless substance. But in fact, it’s the country’s leading source of addiction. If you’re addicted to alcohol, it can seem like it’s impossible to stop drinking. That’s especially true if you experience serious alcohol withdrawal when you try to quit. However, there is a way to achieve the vital goal: supervised alcohol detox. At our alcohol detox center in Los Angeles, DetoxLA provides you with the support you need to safely quit drinking.

Who Needs Alcohol Detox?

Alcoholism occurs when you need to use alcohol. If you do not do so, you may feel alcohol withdrawal. Your body and brain demand access to these substances. You feel like you cannot get through the day without a drink. You may need alcohol detox if you have symptoms such as:

  • The need to use often or every day
  • Hiding how much you are drinking
  • Drinking more of the same thing to get the same type of high
  • Using alcohol as a way to deal with stress or your emotions
  • Inability to stop using even if you want to

Many people have alcohol withdrawal and don’t initially recognize it. You may feel sick to your stomach, have a headache, and find yourself simply unable to get through the day. You may be irritable or moody. This all indicates that you’re struggling with dependence. As a result, you need to consider how alcohol detox can help you.

If you’re addicted to alcohol, you need detox at the beginning of your recovery. That’s true because you’re physically dependent on drinking. In combination with emotional dependence and compulsive alcohol-seeking behavior, this physical reliance defines the core of addiction. You can try to break physical dependence on your own. However, as a rule, the risks of this approach far outweigh the benefits. Supervised detox can help you begin to undo even severe forms of dependence. It also protects you from any potential complications that come with halting your alcohol use. 

Need more information on who can benefit from an alcohol detox center in Los Angeles? Contact our Los Angeles drug detox center today.

What Are the Signs of Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction is more widely known as alcoholism. If you’re addicted to alcohol, you have a physical need to keep drinking. You also have an emotional need to do the same. In addition, the typical person affected by addiction compulsively seeks out more alcohol to drink. Potential signs of these issues include:

  • Needing to drink more and more to feel any effect from alcohol
  • Entering withdrawal if you either stop drinking or cut back rapidly
  • Being unable to stop drinking even if you want to
  • Having cravings for more alcohol when you’re not drinking

You may also do things that aren’t definitive but could point to the presence of alcoholism. These kinds of behaviors include such things as:

  • Hiding how much you’re drinking
  • Using alcohol as a way to deal with stress or your emotions

To learn more about the potential signs of alcohol addiction, talk to the alcoholism specialists at DetoxLA. 

Does Alcohol Detox Cause Withdrawal?

When you enroll in detox, you will not have access to alcohol. As a result, your body will start to remove all alcohol-related toxins. This usually happens within the first 12 hours after you stop drinking. As alcohol leaves your system, you may feel withdrawal occurring. Specific symptoms associated with withdrawal include:

  • Rapid mood changes
  • Unpleasant dreams
  • Feelings of anxiousness or sadness
  • Sleeplessness
  • Nausea 
  • Vomiting
  • Unclear thinking
  • Trembling muscles
  • Feelings of jumpiness, irritability, shakiness, or nervousness

You may experience none of these symptoms. You may also experience most of them or just a few of them. Many people go into alcohol withdrawal and don’t initially recognize it. You may feel sick to your stomach or have a headache. You may be irritable or moody. Or you may simply find yourself unable to get through the day. All of these things may indicate that you’re struggling with dependence. As a result, you need to consider how alcohol detox can help you.

Want to know more about withdrawal at an alcohol detox center in Los Angeles? The specialists at DetoxLA have the answers you need.

What Can You Expect from Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

Alcohol addiction is a disease. Most medical professionals hold the view that we should view it in the same way that you would heart disease. You need treatment for the physical aspects of addiction. That means breaking the dependence you have in an alcohol detox program in California.

When you enroll in our program, we’ll provide you with a comfortable, welcoming location to live in for some time. During this time, you will not have access to alcohol. Your body will start to work, usually within the first 12 hours, to remove the toxins. As this happens, you may feel alcohol withdrawal occurring. However, drug treatment is available to help minimize your cravings and pain. Eventually, you’ll find yourself healing.

In addition to handling alcohol addiction and dependence, you’ll also be able to embrace a wide range of therapies to help you work through the mental health component of this addiction. That includes help for depression, anxiety, and PTSD if you need it. In many situations, you’ll find yourself empowered to get through addiction with the support of educated and experienced therapists.

How Does Alcohol Addiction Treatment Begin?

When it comes to getting help, reach out to our team. We will provide you with an assessment to discuss your unique needs. We can then offer treatment for you. We’ll determine if alcohol detox is the necessary first step. And if it is, we’ll provide you with the tools you need to get started.
In the case of individuals battling addiction to multiple substances, we offer detox programs in LA that cater to any individual’s needs. Specific programs we offer include but are not limited to:

  • Alcohol detox
  • Heroin detox
  • Opiate detox
  • Benzodiazepine detox

You’ll learn more about the wide range of care we offer when you come in for a consultation. Don’t put off getting help for your addiction any longer.

How to Treat Symptoms Associated With Alcohol Withdrawal

Effective alcohol detox begins with an assessment of your situation. This assessment gives your detox team an overview of:

  • The amount of alcohol in your system
  • Your general physical and mental health
  • The amount and type of help you will need to complete alcohol withdrawal

You will then receive that help as the withdrawal process begins. One of the main goals of an alcohol detox center in Los Angeles is to keep you as comfortable as possible. Your vital signs will also be monitored for any significant changes. In addition, you may need other forms of basic support, such as nutrient replacement or IV fluids for dehydration.  

Many people in L.A. alcohol detox also receive medication. The medications most widely used during detox are sedatives. You may also receive other forms of help. A small minority of people detoxing from alcohol experience serious withdrawal complications. If this happens to you, your detox team will provide appropriate treatment and protect your health. 

Ask the professionals at DetoxLA for more information on alcohol withdrawal treatment in Los Angeles. 

Are You Ready for Change? Call DetoxLA Today

Alcohol detox is an opportunity for you to free yourself from the demands of alcohol. It helps you heal as you receive vital support during alcohol withdrawal. If you are struggling with alcohol addiction, reach out to the team at our alcohol detox center today. You can call us at 818.671.4765 or connect with us online.