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Anthem Detox Center in Los Angeles

Medical detox is often the first step if you’re seeking addiction treatment. Going to a detox center, as well as other levels of addiction treatment, are often covered at least in part by insurance. If you’re searching for an Anthem detox center in Los Angeles, DetoxLA is available. As an LA Anthem detox center, we work with the insurer to keep out-of-pocket expenses low and reduce barriers to receiving life-saving treatment.

DetoxLA is a Los Angeles drug and alcohol detox center that accepts Anthem insurance. Contact our admissions team today to learn more about our medical detox center in California.

About Anthem Insurance Coverage

Anthem provides health services through its health care plans and other services. Anthem is part of the national Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) company, one of the largest health insurance providers in the U.S.

Coverage is available through Anthem in 14 states. In California and Nevada, the company is known as Elevance Health. Plans and coverage depend significantly on the state you’re in, so it’s important to know the coverage details for your plan.

At Detox LA, we work with Anthem drug detox coverage and can help verify your specific plan’s coverage.

The plans that are available through Anthem in most states include:

  • Bronze: A Bronze Anthem insurance plan has the lowest monthly payments and the highest copays and deductibles. You can anticipate around 60% of your medical costs will be covered by Anthem.
  • Silver: These plans have premiums higher than a Bronze plan, with lower copays and deductibles. Anthem will pay around 70% of the costs.
  • Gold: A Gold plan from Anthem will include coverage for around 80% of medical costs but the highest monthly premiums. A Gold plan has the lowest deductible.

Anthem provides Medicaid coverage in certain states, and when you have this insurance, you can utilize the nationwide, vast network of BCBS providers. The company also provides benefits to nearly 70% of federal employees and retirees covered under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. There are three plans for employees and retirees of the federal government to choose from.

  • A standard plan covers providers that are in and out-of-network with a relatively low deductible.
  • Basic plans include preferred providers with no deductible, while the out-of-pocket expenses are primarily made up of copays.
  • FEP Blue Focus is a plan covering preferred providers with a low deductible and lower copays to receive care.

If you aren’t sure about your coverage, contact DetoxLA. We are a Southern California Anthem detox program, and our team can help verify your coverage and explore your treatment options. We’re also a relatively nearby option if you’re looking for an Orange County Anthem detox program.

Will Anthem Cover Addiction Treatment?

Anthem insurance plans typically include coverage and benefits for substance use and mental health treatment. The specifics depend on your policy and its level of coverage. If a service is deemed medically necessary, it will usually be covered by Anthem.

Your plan may have limitations on how long it’ll cover rehab, or you may have to meet your deductible and out-of-pocket responsibilities before your insurance kicks in.

Even though Anthem usually covers the costs of addiction treatment, you may have to see a provider that’s in-network. An in-network provider has worked out an agreement with Anthem to offer services at a set price. This lowers the insured person’s out-of-pocket expenses. If you go out-of-network for rehab, you may have to pay more, or your treatment may not be covered at all.

As an Anthem detox center in Los Angeles, when you contact DetoxLA, we can answer insurance questions and simplify the treatment process.

What Types of Rehab Will Anthem Cover?

Many people will participate in several levels of care as part of their addiction treatment process. This is known as a continuum of care. Some of the treatment programs Anthem may cover in the continuum include:

  • Medical detox, where patients receive clinical supervision and treatment for withdrawal symptoms and cravings. A medical detox program, such as what’s offered at our facility, can keep you safe and comfortable so that you’re prepared to begin the rest of your treatment with a fresh start.
  • Inpatient treatment, or residential rehab, includes living onsite in a structured environment.
  • Partial hospitalization programs, or PHPs, are a step down from inpatient rehab but are more intensive than outpatient programs.
  • Outpatient rehab is flexible and requires a sense of accountability to manage your recovery. You continue to receive support and treatment, but you live at home.

DetoxLA provides medical detox programs and inpatient rehab, so you can begin to heal from addiction holistically.

Duration of Treatment Covered by Anthem

Every person’s history of substance use is going to be different, and their treatment plan should reflect this. As a result, some people might stay in rehab for a relatively short period, while others may go for a longer period.

The common lengths of most inpatient programs are 30, 60, and 90 days. The length of stay appropriate for you is determined by considering:

  • How long the substance has been used
  • Ongoing problems legally, at home, at school, or at work
  • The type of substance
  • Co-existing mental health conditions
  • Family history
  • Whether you’ve already gone through other addiction treatment programs

Anthem may cover some or all of the duration of your treatment, depending on your policy, where you go for rehab and your medical needs.

Before you decide on a treatment center, you need to determine what your insurance company will cover and what you’ll be expected to pay out-of-pocket. You can contact Anthem directly or log into the website to learn more about the specifics of your plan.

DetoxLA can also verify your insurance coverage.

What to Expect During Medical Detox

Treating addiction is a process, and a medical detox isn’t a standalone approach to treatment. Instead, it’s an essential first step. During detox, someone who’s dependent on substances may experience withdrawal symptoms. These occur as the brain and body try to return to their original normalcy baseline without the effects of substances.

Withdrawal can range from mildly uncomfortable to dangerous or even deadly. During a medical detox, professional providers monitor vital signs and make sure that the risk of complications is reduced. Medications can be given that do everything from treating individual withdrawal symptoms to reducing cravings.

Once someone detoxes, they typically move into inpatient treatment. A sense of stability and structure in these residential environments is great for stabilization during an otherwise uncertain time.

If you’d like to learn about DetoxLA, an Anthem detox center in Los Angeles, we’re here to help any time. We can also provide you with more information about our inpatient drug rehab in Los Angeles, depending on your needs or the needs of your loved one.