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Tarzana Drug Rehab Center

Almost three-quarters of a million residents of Los Angeles County are affected by a serious substance problem. No community goes unaffected, including the San Fernando Valley neighborhood of Tarzana. Unfortunately, the vast majority of those affected mistakenly believe that they don’t need treatment. That’s true despite the availability of top-quality recovery services within the greater Los Angeles area. These services can help turn your decision to quit using street drugs or prescription medications into an achievable goal. They can also do the same for your decision to quit drinking alcohol.

Need a Tarzana inpatient drug rehab center that thoroughly prepares you for long-term substance abstinence? Turn to the local experts at Detox LA. From our Tarzana home base, we provide a complete range of detox services for all of Los Angeles and Southern California. With our help, you can do more than establish initial sobriety. You can also lay the groundwork for all future phases of your recovery.

DetoxLA is a medical detox center in California. Contact us today to learn more about our Los Angeles inpatient drug and alcohol rehab center.

Coping With the Effects of Withdrawal in a
Tarzana Drug Rehab Center

The decision to halt your drug or medication use is the spark of your eventual recovery. However, you must follow up on this decision with concrete action. The first of these actions is avoiding taking another dose of the substance in question. For anyone affected by addiction, this step comes with some significant short-term consequences. 

First, you will transition out of your habitual intoxicated state. If you’re addicted to a drug or medication, your brain expects this state of intoxication to continue indefinitely. When it doesn’t, you can expect to feel at least some withdrawal symptoms. The intensity of the progression from intoxication to withdrawal can vary according to considerations that include:

  • The level of a drug or medication in your bloodstream when you quit
  • How long you’ve been using/abusing the substance in question
  • The specific ways your brain and body react to the lack of that substance in your system

No matter how these factors interact, one thing is for certain. There’s a good chance that you’ll find it difficult or impossible to handle what’s happening to you without some kind of help. 

The purpose of professional detox is to provide this help in the most effective manner possible. When you take advantage of detox services, you can substantially decrease the difficulty of following through on your decision to halt your drug/medication use. You also increase the odds that you will get your long-term recovery off to the best possible start.

For more information on the role of detox in helping you complete withdrawal, talk to the experts at our Tarzana recovery center today. 

Going Through Alcohol Withdrawal in a Detox Program

The challenges of recovery begin with halting your substance use and going through the withdrawal process. However, special effort may be required to help you successfully withdraw from alcohol.

That’s true because, compared to most other forms of substance withdrawal, alcohol withdrawal has more potential for significant complications. These complications only affect a small minority of people going through detox. Nevertheless, when they arise, they can put your health and well-being in serious danger. 

One of the chief worries is delirium tremens. This is the term for a condition that triggers symptoms such as:

  • Delirium, i.e., extreme confusion and decreased awareness of your surroundings
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures

You may also experience major seizures unrelated to delirium tremens. Such complications tend to occur in people who’ve been heavily impacted by alcoholism for extended periods of time. If you’re affected by either of them while enrolled in detox, they will be addressed immediately by your support team.

Want to know more about the requirements for successful alcohol withdrawal? The knowledgeable staff at our Tarzana inpatient rehab is standing by to assist you.

Methods Used During Detox at a Tarzana Drug Rehab Center

An effective Tarzana drug rehab center will use multiple methods to help you detox from a drug or prescription medication. Some of these methods can help you cope with withdrawal from any addictive substance. Others are reserved for people withdrawing from specific kinds of substances.

No matter the specific drug or medication involved, you will receive certain forms of support during detox. The goal of this support is to keep you stable, comfortable, and relaxed as you go from habitual intoxication to a substance-free state. Top areas of focus include you:

  • Vital signs 
  • Nutritional health 
  • Fluid levels

Monitoring of your vital signs is ongoing. To support your nutritional needs, you will eat a balanced diet. You may also receive vitamins, minerals, or other supplements. Increased fluid intake is provided for everyone affected by dehydration. 

If you’re withdrawing from certain illegal or prescription drugs, medication may also be vital to the detox process. The chief example here is opioid detox. People withdrawing from opioids do not have a high risk for serious complications. However, even without such complications, the process can be extremely unpleasant. To make it more tolerable, detox specialists provide temporary doses of either of two medications:

  • Methadone
  • Buprenorphine

You may also need additional help while detoxing from benzodiazepine sedatives. Why? You may not be able to stop taking sedatives all at once without triggering severe withdrawal symptoms. To avoid this possibility, your detox team might decide to gradually wean you off benzodiazepines as withdrawal progresses.

Have more questions about the methods used for drug and prescription medication detox? Get the answers you need at Detox LA.

The same forms of universal support used to help you detox from other substances are also key to alcohol detox. You may also need a substance-specific withdrawal medication. This medication is typically diazepam, a benzodiazepine sedative. When given in appropriate doses, diazepam can help dial down alcohol withdrawal-related mental agitation. In this way, it can make you feel more calm and at ease during your time in detox.

To find out more about support and medication for alcohol detox, talk to the specialists at Detox LA today.

Transitioning to Suitable Addiction Treatment in Tarzana

Whether you’re affected by drug-, medication- or alcohol-related problems, detox is meant to work in the context of your larger recovery. Specifically, it puts you in a position to enter a substance treatment program where you work to establish long-term sobriety. The importance of transitioning into suitable addiction treatment cannot be overstated. Your detox team will work continually to help you achieve this essential goal.

Turn to Detox LA for a Truly Modern
Tarzana Drug Rehab Center

Are you in need of substance detox in Tarzana or a neighboring San Fernando Valley community? Call on the experts at Detox LA. No matter how severely you’re affected, we can help you get drugs, medications, or alcohol out of your system. We can also help you make the most of follow-up treatments that support lasting substance abstinence. Get your journey underway by contacting us today via phone or our online form.